SHE Evolves: A Sacred Sisterhood MasterMind Collective

Hello Kindred Spirit!

You have arrived! Here is all the information to join the waitlist for the Sacred Sisterhood Mastermind Collective!

I am *so* glad you are here, READY to RISE, surrounded by brilliant like-minded women, in a coworking space that encourages accountability, focus, and consistent action in YOUR business.

This is both an idea & a personal invitation from me to you.

I am endeavoring to create a collaborative Mastermind experience that is affordable, sustainable, brilliant, and ever-evolving.

A Mastermind experience that rises to meet you where you are now, and evolves to take you where you are going.

Content will be created in real-time, by us and for you. As we work we will be sharing our collective wisdom as we evolve in both life and business. There will be opportunities to lead, to shine, and mentor. There will be support and wisdom to tap into, to keep moving forward. Weekly prompts will guide you to focus your intention & take inspired consistent action.

This first offering is by invitation only - to my personal connections and those they invite - so you can be sure this is a community of like-minded colleagues. There is a short application to ensure aligned values, and intentions.

This is a vision I have long held. This year I chose to focus on creating a permanent and evolving Masterminding space. A co-working platform that feels solid, permanent, and productive as we continue to grow in abundance & impact. I am doing this to create the Mastermind experience I have been looking for next. One that aims to harness the power of our collective wisdom, and lift each other as we lead, one that doesn’t “end” or come at an exorbitant price tag (that leaves brilliant sisters behind).

I am a huge believer in practicing life with a beginner's mind & devotion to life long learning, and still, there is a moment to realize how much wisdom you have gathered. To see the opportunity in giving guidance to the women joining us on this path now. Making a shift from eternal student to being a Luminary Guide in our community, so you shine as an example to others as to what is possible, and offer a guiding hand. A tremendous and powerful shift happens when you recognize and honor this moment of truth, and back it up with inspired action. I believe it is the first step in the next phase of our journeys together, in your business growth & reaching your fullest potential.

You & I both know that much of the wisdom and opportunities gained from programs we invest in is because of the relationships built and the energy & wisdom of surrounding yourself with devoted, high performing, heart lead businesswomen. The networking, inspiration, and ongoing “informal” masterminding of informal networks, is an equally powerful Mastermind experience. Masterminding communities motivate, guide, nourish and inspire us.

Ponder this for a moment with me….

  • How much energy have you spent consuming webinars and training?
  • How much time has it diverted from your core work?
  • How much time & money have we invested together?
  • How vast is the wisdom we now collectively hold?
  • What key lessons have you learned that your burning to share?
  • What would happen if we put that in one coworking place?

And then turned down the external noise and turned up the creativity, productivity, and intuitive focused flow? What if then you invested more money in YOUR business infrastructure? In growing YOUR ideas?

Do you feel the potential??

I hold a vision of a productive, sustainable way to mastermind, that evolves as our businesses grow.

This is the start of building a divinely masculine structure to harness this wisdom, focus our creative potential, and lovingly guide us to our edges and beyond, as we light the way for each other, and the next generation.

I will offer my gifts and wisdom. You will be invited to offer yours.

This is a grassroots, build it as we go, progress over perfection kind of place. You have got to be cool with that. And the sky's the limit.

I hold a vision of us growing in leadership together as we collectively shoot for the stars, side by side, grounded firmly on Mother Earth, focused on our own important individual work.

I am going on an adventure, to explore every possible way to expand, ascend, and amplify our work in the world maximizing the impact of sharing our gifts as divinely guided beings.

I believe the future holds surprising, delightful, and wonderful things for us all. I believe in abundance.

I intend to surround myself with brilliant and inspiring women by my side, and am excited to discover where we will go, individually, together and possibly forever. I believe you are a brilliant and inspiring woman and am inviting you to Mastermind with me.

You are meeting me where I am.

I am inviting you to join me where I am going.

If you see yourself coming along on this collaborative and pioneering venture, you can join the waitlist below to become a founding member of SHE Evolves: A Sacred Sisterhood Mastermind Community.

Join now at the founding rate of $18/month! This is an invitation to those who dare to dream, intiate, and co create this space with me in sisterhood. I am looking for pioneers, creatives, dreamstormers and adventurers to travel with to see how much further we can rise together. If your living your life in purpose, and making your life purpose your life's work, your welcome here. Whether your a coach, lightworker, artist, creative, yoga teacher or holistic practitioner, if your seeking support for your entrepreneurial/creative soul. this community is for you.

Once your a member you will hear all about The Shala, but I can't resist a quick update because I am exploding with joy that this is manifesting. The Shala is an intimate retreat space being built atop Mt. Pocono, my heart chose this spot to put roots down. It is a place to gather, dreamstorm, cocreate and connect with my sisterhood as we ascend and expand into leadership. The inaugural retreat will be June 4, 5 &6 in Woodstock, NY. I am sooo excited about this......This event will explore the powerful connection between creativity and transformation, and eliminate the need for competition by tapping in to creative expression. You will leave nourished, restored, and inspired, with clarity on the Masterclass you are certified to lead for the collective and how unlock the creative energy within to fuel and differentiate your work. If you want to claim your spot at the SHE Evolves: Create Your Masterclass Retreat, join us in the FB group to register. Space is very limited.

Ok, that is it!

I hope to see you in our Sacred Sisterhood & Masterminding FB space soon!

Together we rise, in love & luminous light, always.


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