SHE Evolves: A Sacred Sisterhood & Mastermind Community

Hello Kindred Spirit!

I am so, glad you are here, ready to RISE & SHINE - together!!

I have an invitation for courageous, visionary creatives & entrepreneurial soul sisters. I am endeavoring to create a Sacred Sisterhood & Mastermind Community called, SHE EVOLVES. This community is unique because it will be a co created and co lead Mastermind community, created by US and for YOU. It aims to be affordable, sustainable, brilliant, and ever-evolving to keep pace with your growth edge, in life and business. Rooted deeply in Sacred Sisterhood, Self Love, and Holistic Rituals to keep you nourished, energized and inspired while doing your life's work.

A Mastermind experience that rises to meet you where you are now, and evolves to meet you where you are going.

I am going on an adventure, to explore every possible way to expand, ascend, and amplify our individual work in the world while maximizing our collective impact. In sisterhood, we find clarity, courage, and accountability to take consistent, inspired actions towards achieving our goals. In sisterhood, we celebrate, lift and nourish each others creative and entrepreneurial souls.

This community is based on the simple idea that when inspiring & wise women gather in Sacred Sisterhood, each following their own inner guidance, anything and everything seems possible.

This is where we find unshakeable courage, clarity and commitment to continue to pursue our unique and beautiful work in the world. Whatever that is. I believe this is how we amplify our impact and role model leadership for the next generations.

I will offer my gifts and wisdom.

You will be invited to offer yours.

You (and me) will lean in for support when it is truly needed, and you stay focused on achieving your goals without distractions when you don't.

You (and me) lean out as business & life calls, and lean in to lead when you feel inspired to.

No time commitments, no end date. This is an a la carte type of Mastermind, with a focus on staying accountable to your own souls goals, while feel supported stepping into leadership.

This is a vision, and an idea we will co create!! A grassroots, build it as we go, progress over perfection kind of place. You have got to be cool with that. And the sky's the limit.

We will build toward this vision, together.

I am inviting pioneers, creatives, dream-stormers and heart lead entrepreneurial souls to journey with me to see how much further we can rise, together. To co create a Mastermind Community, led by us and for you.

I believe that harnessing the power & wisdom in a Sacred Sisterhood will amplify not only our individual impact, but our collective impact to create the change I wish to see in the world. As we evolve and grow, so will our community.

I will offer my gifts and wisdom at my growth edge.

You are invited to offer yours to lead at your growth edge.

You can lean in to the support of a brilliant sisterhood as much or as little as you need.

You can lean out as business & life calls, and know we have got you energetically, and you will never miss a thing.

You stay focused on achieving what it is you are here to create with your precious time on earth. No distractions.

This is a grassroots, build it as we go, progress over perfection kind of place. You have got to be cool with that and feel the power in this vision. That is the only real "requirement" to join. And from this meeting point, the sky is the limit.

You are meeting me where I am.

I am inviting you to join me where I am going.

If you see yourself coming along on this collaborative and pioneering venture, I invite you to join the waitlist now to become a founding member.

Last year we held two inaugural retreats in person! The enthusiasm and energy was AMAZING. As we prepare to open the doors to the online community, you are invited to join us at the Founders rate of just $18/month!

Coaches, light-workers, artists, creatives, yoga teachers, holistic practitioners or women leading by mothering in fierce purpose, belong here. 'Your level of "success" is not considered when you apply, this is about being all in on the intention of this endeavor.

The business of mothering is my truest life's purpose, my artwork and being the wind beneath women's wings as they soar is my deepest joy and creative soul work. I lead side by side with my peers, which I consider any woman on planet earth. My belief is that masterclass level wisdom has been earned or learned by everywoman on this path and it delights my soul to help women see this wisdom in themselves, and to watch them shine.

If you are an innately driven entrepreneurial/creative soul that would feel nourished and energized as you surround yourself with a brilliant sisterhood as you step into leadership in this moment, you belong here.

Why a mastermind? Because my 12 years in corporate & 10 years as an entrepreneur has taught me this, which I am sure you will relate to. MOST of the wisdom and opportunities gained from programs we invest in is because of the relationships built and the energy & wisdom of surrounding yourself with devoted, high performing, heart lead businesswomen. The networking & informal sharing of wisdom happens in the corporate world, ALL the time, and is a critical success strategy. We creatives, healers, guides and dreamers need this ongoing and permanent support too. Plus, SISTERHOOD is the wind beneath my wings, and feels so deeply nourishing and necessary.

Ponder this for a moment with me….

  • How much energy have you spent consuming webinars and training?
  • How much time and life force energy has it diverted from your core work?
  • How much time & money have we invested "learning" together?
  • How vast is the wisdom we now collectively hold?
  • What would happen if we put all that know how in one co-working place?
  • And invested your profits into growing your OWN ideas?
  • How much have you grown/learned/healed from your own experiences with sisterhood?

I am a huge believer in practicing life with a beginner's mind & devotion to life long learning. And there is a moment to honor your wisdom. Every woman carries more than one Masterclass that has been earned or learned on her journey. Sharing that wisdom with to others is a powerful act of service.

This is the start of building a divinely masculine structure to harness this wisdom, focus our creative potential, and lovingly guide us to our edges and beyond, as we light the way for each other, and the next generations.

I am excited to discover where we will go, individually, together and possibly forever.

I believe you are a brilliant and inspiring woman here in purpose. Part of my purpose is to inviting you to co create the SHE EVOLVES: Sacred Sisterhood & Mastermind Community with me and 100 brilliant, and like minded entrepreneurial & creative souls. Are you in?

Together we rise, in love & luminous light, always.


Just one more step!

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